Roelof Kramer, CEO of Agricompas, has presented for first time the EcoProMIS project during the 19th International Oil Palm Conference, one of the most important events of Palm Oil celebrated in the world.

This event is celebrated every three years by the National Federation of Palm Oil (FEDEPALMA) and its associated research centre (CENIPALMA). It gathered more than 1500 attendees this year and it is a meeting point for palm oil growers, researchers, government institutions, NGOs and all other actors of the Palm Oil supply chain. With more than 30 different countries, 100 stands and 67 talks, definitely it was the right place to introduce EcoProMIS project.

Roelof Kramer at 19th International Oil Palm Conference

Presentation of EcoProMIS project by Roelof Kramer, CEO of Agricompas, at the XIX International Conference of Palm Oil in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

EcoProMIS for oil palm and rice is a collaborative three-year project running until April 2021. The results will be a data analytics platform operated by Agricompas that will provide a level of free knowledge to growers to produce better crops and paid decision support to other players in the oil palm industry to improve their processes. EcoProMIS aims at sustainable agriculture by increasing productivity and profitability of crop production while minimising environmental impact, protecting biodiversity and improving the socio-economic conditions of the stakeholders.

Columbia is the first in the list of palm oil producers in America and the fourth around the world. The collaboration between growers and the investment in research and development has made Colombia a key competitor in the delivery of Palm Oil worldwide. EcoProMIS is aligned with the future goals of making Colombian growers even more competitive, but also taking care of the environmental and social impacts.