As part of the EcoProMIS project, several IoT data collection systems will be placed in the fields. These systems will collect real time data related to weather, greenhouse gas emissions (CH4 and CO2), soil humidity, etc.

EcoProMIS IoT -1    EcoProMIS IoT -2

On the left, EcoProMIS partners learning how to fly drones (on the right) to collect crop UAV images.

The combination of data coming from different sources as weather stations, EC flux towers, satellites (Sentinels 1 and 2), drones and IT devices, will facilitate to create an IT platform that will support growers to take informed decisions and provide also knowledge about the current state of their crop.

EcoProMIS IoT -3   EcoProMIS IoT -4

EcoProMIS partners installing the first Flux tower to track the gas emissions from the field.