Andrea Melissa Sánchez Garibello

Andrea is the project representative from Fedearroz, the rice growers association in Colombia. She connects our team to the growers and coordinates the rice plot data collection.

Carlos Ricardo Bojacá Aldana

An agronomist by background, with a PhD in Bioscience Engineering, Carlos is based in Bogotá and leads the crop modelling work for EcoProMIS. He is Head of Crop Science at Agricompas.

Carlos Alberto  Pérez Estupiñán

Carlos Perez is an industrial engineer by training and runs the Sustainable Oil Palm Programme Coordinator for Solidaridad in Colombia. He contributes to the M+E outputs of the EcoProMIS project.

Carlos Torres

Carlos Torres works at IWCO as the Business Productivity Advisor. He is a Systems Engineer with more than 10 years of experience working with data models for a range of clients.

Catalina Trujillo Ospina

A Chemist by background, Catalina works at CIAT Colombia as a Research Assistant. She serves the EcoProMIS project by overseeing the management and maintenance of the GHG towers.

Eduard Erwee

Agricompas’ Chief Technical Officer is originally from South Africa and is now based in the UK. His main focus is building a scalable data platform, allowing for the consolidation and coalition of multiple data feeds.

Elizabeth Sweitzer

Elizabeth is a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at the Alliance of CIAT and Bioversity. She leads the Monitoring and Evaluation component of EcoProMIS. Elizabeth is based in Cali, Colombia.

Iván Ávila

Iván works for Agricompas and is based in Colombia, as the Product Manager for rice. He coordinates the project’s interaction with the different levels of the rice value chain.

Jaime Cañas

Passionate about programming, Jaime is based in Colombia and works at Information Workers (IWCO). He and his team contribute to the project with our technical and app development.

Jorge Luis Torres León

Jorge is a Computer System Engineer, specialized in Geoinformatics. He´s been working at Cenipalma as the leader of the Geomatics Section inside the Agronomy program since 2013.

Michael Gomez Selvaraj

A Crop Physiologist, Michael is the senior representative from CIAT and oversees the drone (UAV) work as well as CIAT’s scientific contribution to the project.

Nicolás González Naranjo

With an Executive MBA, Nicolás leads our Business Development, connecting the EcoProMIS platform with the financial and insurance sector in Colombia.

Rodrigo Gil Castañeda

An Agronomic Engineer by background, Rodrigo joined EcoProMIS in 2020. Part of the Agricompas staff, he contributes to the crop modelling with a special focus on greenhouse gases.

Roelof Kramer

Roelof is an agricultural engineer holding and MBA with over 25 years of experience in Agribusiness worldwide. Project lead responsible for the overall EcoProMIS project execution and delivering its objectives.

Sam Adams

Sam is based in the UK office of Agricompas, where he is Head of Programmes. He is the Project Manager at EcoProMIS, responsible for project coordination and communication.

Sam Lavender

Sam Lavender leads Pixalytics, a UK company with expertise in earth observation and remote sensing. Her work with EcoProMIS is to integrate EO data into our platform.

Simon Dzurjak

Simon works for Agricompas as a Data Analyst, responsible for exploratory analysis of a wide range of data types in order to bring insights to improve the project. 

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