Ecological Productivity Management Information System in Colombia

This site is currently under construction, the following is a brief outline of EcoProMiS.

The project is to improve the rice and oil palm production systems in Colombia by creating and providing better knowledge and decision support services to its stakeholders.

This project is supported by UK Space Agency, Lead by Rothamsted Research and a partnership with the UK-based decision support company, Agricompas and includes six sub-contractors: CIAT, Fedearroz, Cenipalma and Solidaridad (Colombia) and Elastacloud and Pixalytics (UK).


Ecological Productivity Management Information System:

Colombian rice and oil palm farmers need to improve productivity and stabilise incomes to allow them to compete globally whilst responding to climate change and producing responsibly. The project uses satellite earth observation combined with environmental and crop data to research the impact of crop and ecosystem management on biodiversity, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and productivity.

The project will include farmers and smallholders collecting data and engaging in outreach programmes, so that their skills and understanding how crop management affects productivity, income and sustainable ecosystems is developed. Smartphones are used to communicate data and knowledge directly from and to farmers in the field.

A Management Information System will be created and used in two major crops in Colombia to adapt to climate change, safeguard biodiversity, reduce GHG emissions and improve productivity. The outcome will be a public-private partnership of farmers, research institutes and Agricompas that creates comprehensive sets of crop and ecosystem data for processing in near real-time knowledge that is made freely available for the partners to improve the environmental, technical and financial efficiency of their processes. In addition it will provide commercial decision support to players down the value chains such as insurance firms, government and food processors, to create income for sustainable knowledge and decision support.

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