EcoProMIS partners from the UK and Colombia met in Bogota to agree the tasks and timeline for the next milestones to be delivered before the end of August 2018 in order to be approved by the UKSA. Partners are: CIAT, Fedearroz, Cenipalma, Solidaridad from Colombia and Elastacloud, Agricompas, Rothamsted and Pixalytics from the UK.


EcoProMIS partners visit rice and palm fields in Colombia. On carefully selected fields comprehensive crop data will be collected.

From the 11th to 15th June, they worked intensively not only to agree dates and next steps, but also to visit the rice and palm fields in Los Llanos (Meta and Casanare) on 13th June. As part of EcoProMIS project, several IoT data collection systems will be placed in the fields and it is of the paramount importance to locate them in the right place to get the best and reliable data.

This visit was crucial to achieve the first goals of the project: Creation of a prototype of the IT infrastructure, definition of phenotype data sets and installation of the measurement systems.